In with the old, in with the new: combining art skills

GCSE Art & Design still features a greater amount of traditional drawing skills than digital skills. This is something that I believe is still important.  Pupils must learn how to use different media and develop a skill set using tangible, textured medium in order to understand the qualities and texture development within digital drawing. At the end of the day if you can’t draw with a pencil and understand how to develop form, you won’t be able to do it on an iPad either.

Something I am passionate about is the integration of digital art within the art curriculum. At St Cyres School, Penarth we have developed all schemes of work within the art department to have a balance of traditional and digital skills.

An area that I have recently developed is the use of Keynote to produce pieces of artwork. Pupils have successfully used the drawing feature of the app to draw their outcome and have then used instant alpha to add imagery underneath, often their own photography. It has become an additional media, like any other tool in the art room.

The outcomes comfortably sit alongside traditional approaches and it provides my learners with an alternative and efficient way of experimenting with their art work further.


GCSE Artist interpretation using watercolour and keynote Instant Alpha

I look forward to introducing more pupils to the application of Keynote in art. With the new features I can’t wait to develop animation within the curriculum.


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